Selecting a right security solution to strengthen the security of your network requires a broad understanding of current security technologies and measures. Implementing security products and configuring them to work properly require a certain level of security expertise. With many years of experience in security consultation, design, and implementation, E-CQURITY's consultants can help you apply the right security products and solutions to best fit your requirements and thereby protect your business.

Security products generally will fall into these three security elements: Protection, Detection, and Response. An effective security strategy will require security technologies of these three security elements to be properly selected and implemented. Depending on your unique security needs, E-CQURITY helps you select, design, and implement the following security technologies to help assure the continuity of your business as well as mitigate the risks to an acceptable level.

The following lists some of the security measures that E-CQURITY's consultants will help you to implement and configure (according to your security policy):


> Firewall
> Intrusion Prevention System (IPS)
> Anti-virus
> Virtual Private Network (VPN)
> Encryption
> Access control
> System Hardening

> Host-based Intrusion Detection System (hIDS)
> Network-based Intrusion Detection System (nIDS)
> Centralize logging facility

> Vulnerability Assessment
> Automated and centralized patch management
> Backup facility

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