What is E-CQURITY?

E-CQURITY, pronounced E-SECURITY, is a leading security firm established to provide effective and innovative security solutions to help battle security threats and hackers.

Why do I need security?

Hackers, virus, spyware, et al have inflicted millions of dollars in damage to businesses and enterprises world wide. Much of that was due to lack of security protections or ineffective implementations.

I already have so many security protections, firewall, IDS, IPS, why do I need you?

How sure are you that those security protections are configured properly? Many times security protections are bought, configured, and not tested; hence, the rise in security incidents.

Where can I find the latest threats information?

You can subscribe to various security mailing list, such as BugTraq or Full-Disclosure (non-moderate).
For the latest discoveries of security vulnerabilities, you can view our threats database here or go to www.securityfocus.com

Do you research? Where can I find your advisories or white papers?

We release advisories and white papers from time to time. You can view them here.

I got hacked. How can you help?

Please contact us at incident-report@e-cq.net and we will respond you within 24 hour.

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